Blind Date – Overkill

The lesson I have learned is when you are being sold on a blind date, if you are not feeling it take that as a hint.  Also lesson two, the person selling the date think about who they are and then think again if it is a good idea to meet someone this person has chosen for you.

Mistake One:
A single woman at work who was having an open affair with a married man setting you up. BAD IDEA
Mistake Two:
Going out with a new person after an ugly traumatic break up. BIGGER BAD IDEA. NEVER DATE WHEN IN TRANSITION I MEAN NEVER!!

Mistake Three:
As Maya  Angelou says “when people tell you who they are believe them.” I chose not to believe and I paid a price.

I overlooked all of the flags and there were many more to come.  I married this man and he was a narcissistic, controlling self centered, ego-centric man.  It turned my life upside down and made me wonder who I was in the end.

The point of this post is that now I look at everything, I calculate the risks and decide if I want to have a second date.

You may have your own baggage and experiences but when you start to forgive that serious dysfunction and let your guard down too early you may end up on a road that brings you more heartache.

I married him. I was madly in love with him. He never loved me as much as he loved himself. I got a great little furry wingman out of the deal and some great friends. It was a great ride until it went sideways and I woke up really not recognizing me or my life.

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