Black Ops

I went out with this guy several times. He then suggests we go to the Lowes in Santa Monica overnight. I love a good hotel and it was a respectable amount of time before this date. We went out for  great dinner, walked around and it was all going well.

We went to the room and that is where this turns south. He takes out penis and it is a swear to God the girth of a salami, let me be clear a huge salami not a pepperoni. He is like what do you think, I think of my tight little self and say it is not going to work. He is persistent, let’s try. Well sure enough it does not work. I end up giving him a hand job and suggesting we go to bed.

In the morning we go to breakfast in the hotel and all he can say is why are the prices this high? I am like it is a hotel. I get my bag and go home. Somethings just did not make sense. So I drive by what I believe to be his home and guess what? You got it! He is MARRIED. Seriously dude?

Balls he had some balls to do that but I guess when you are hung like a Boars Head salami you can do that.

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