6 Man in Manhattan after the Kettle

Planning ahead should be the key to any adventure. I was still new to the south bay and agreed to meet a date at the Kettle in Manhattan Beach on a Sunday. I thought 10 AM was early enough but I was not aware of the 6 man volleyball competition.  So when I got to Manhattan Beach it was like a total Christmas Mall parking adventure. It took me 20 minutes to find a spot to park. I was late by 10 minutes, it worked to my advantage because my date was able to put our name in and then we got to sit shortly.

I think that sometimes you just know that it is not going to be a match. Maybe the whole online thing has made me skeptical.  I think that sometimes I think that maybe it is the LA thing and I am just not good at the LA mentality.

This seemed okay and we chatted about the normal niceties.  I think that we also discussed some of the bad dates we had recently experienced.

We finished lunch and walked down to the pier. I could not figure out what the smell was in the air. I kept thinking to myself there has got to be something in the wind. We kept walking and it just kept enveloping me. I started to think it was me, I knew I showered. Then we stopped on the pier, and guess what? It was my date.

OMG I am with a stinky dude. Didn’t a first date warrant a shower? As we watched the volleyball festivities he told me he had just come from playing tennis. EPIC deodorant fail.  I could not wait to get to my car.

He called for a second date and I thought OK one time we can all have an off day, right? So we went for Italian. We had nice conversation waiting to be seated and then when we go in and are seated the awkwardness arrived.

I ordered wine, he said he did not drink. Ok that is ok. I ask about his career plan. He had failed to mention he was unemployed. Next topic. I order Cheese Ravioli and he ordered a salad. He told me he had a cheese intolerance. The bread arrives and he said no bread. Seriously? This is not going to work. I am Italian and you have knocked out all the important groups, wine, cheese and bread.

Moving on…..

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