RE: PT Cruiser Individual

I am from the Midwest & live on the East Coast so I can assure you that the whole “PT Cruiser” thing is not an “LA thing”. The true kicker was the burnt orange…that should be an LA thing. Shouldn’t it have been pink or electric blue with a bumper sticker that says “I don’t eat hot dogs” with a picture of a wiener dog?

The first red flag, however, is the guy’s name was Jim (sorry for Jim’s everywhere that I am about ready to offend). I have yet to meet a Jim that I would would introduce to any of my female friends. A quick facebook search shows that I know one Jim and while he may be a good one night stand, no female would enjoy his “charm” after night two. I’ll leave the name of the restaurant alone because with a name like “Salt Lick”, the food and drink must be good to still be open πŸ™‚

If the name did not tip you off, maybe it was when he stated his occupation. As someone with many friends who are professionals (I may or may not be, depending on the previous night), I don’t think any of us would state the purpose of our firm’s practice or the corporate mission of our corporation. That sounds like something his mother told him to say when he wanted to impress a girl. Any guy that goes that far to boost his job title has a problem. For example, I work for a large corporation negotiating contracts. I went to law school and got some other expensive letters. Do I work in the legal department, no, but in order to not have to answer 30 more questions about why I do what I do, I simply say I’m an attorney WHO works for said large corporation. I feel that’s a stretch, but I was hired because I AM an attorney, I just don’t work with other attorneys. However, usually, I just state that I work for said large corporation. I let the other person conjure up their own idea of what I do. By stating “I work an Electronic Warfare Company” begs “please ask me more questions, pretty please!!!! Mommy told me it’d work….I want you to ask me more questions”.

The others are easy “first-time on a date since going through the big ‘D'” no-nos that they don’t even require discussion. Talk of his ex-wife? Really? Did you tell him how long your ex-husband/boytoy’s johnson was? Those are discussions for “question and answer time” and require at least one bottle of wine to be consumed prior so the “canned” answer, otherwise known as a lie, can be detected sooner.

The parents talk? What is this guy, asking you to the prom? Note: the last one was a rhetorical question. I hear LA women do like their men young once their eggs start heading for the freezer πŸ™‚

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