Lollipop Head at the Deli

I have endured some dates and I have to admit been shocked that people did not look like their picture and expected a great date.  This date however was one that I really started to turn around to leave at the door.

I remember checking out the pictures of George and thinking Hmm something about the way he is sitting is odd.  Well, when I got to the Deli in an obscure part of town I figured it out.  At first I was thinking that this was a weird first date place, in hindsight boy was I glad I would not know anyone.  I pull up to the deli and it was not a place I would patronize but okay I agreed to this breakfast meeting.  So I walk in and look around and think Holy Crap there is no way that is my date. I am going to leave, but I had been spotted.  This guy had a HUGE and I mean HUGE head.  His proportions on his head made Calista Flockhart’s head seem normal on her tiny body.  He starts waving furiously at me.  I am thinking Oh shit, I have been spotted.

So I walk over to the table and say hello.  I figure how painful can breakfast be with this guy? Why do I even say things like this to myself?  I start to stare at his giant head.  The more I tried not to stare the harder it was to not stare.

The waitress comes over and is a total bitch. I asked if they had sourdough bread and you would have thought I asked for some specialty item.  I should take what they have and be happy.  In this restaurant I was the youngest person in the place.  What a lovely vibe, NOT!!!

Okay now you have the setting and believe it or not it gets worse or better how you choose to look at it. George is a HUGE Patriots fan and from Boston. He went on to tell me how he had reserved a license plate when the Pats had gone unbeaten and it would have said PATS2006 (or whatever year that happened). Then he went on to tell me about the disappointment blah blah blah.  The killer comments are coming now.  He then asks about my parents and if they are together and basically interrogates me on my parents relationship.  Okay asshole, I get you are trying to get a baseline on me and my relationships skills but you are well past 30 and alone never been married and look like an act in a freakshow. So get over yourself, you do not have a chance with me and I need to get out of here.  Maybe you should try the circus freakshow for your dream girl.  I was so irritated when this meal was over I just left.

In hindsight I wish I had realized I do not owe anyone anything, but then I would not have these stories to share with you.

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