Iphone hits the ground….

I had met a neighbor and started hanging out with him and his 11 yr old daughter. Okay once again I broke a rule I had made so should I be surprised that this did not turn out so well? Not really but, I really got an insight into a dysfunctional 50 year old living at the beach.

For those of you not familiar with the Hermosa Beach lifestyle, let me just give a background. I think if you are single it is great. If you are married and young still can be fun. If you are divorced with children it makes others think what is the deal.  Everyone lives a party lifestyle for the most part, not conducive to a family life.

Ryan was 50 and had an 11 year old daughter named Topanga. Ryan shared custody with his ex-wife you works at the local bar Yacht Club (a bar where all the servers are current or former strippers or so it seems).  Topanga spends time at the yacht club so she is a little more mature.  Ryan lives in a one bedroom apt. (Not exactly the best environment for a young girl).  The crowd that Ryan hangs in is much younger than him and it is not unheard of for him to close the bars on weeknights. All of these facts I learned in the process of getting to know him. I think there were some very creepy issues in my opinion but I believe it is better in his mind to live the young lifestyle than to be a responsible grown up.

Ryan and Topanga came to my house for dinner. I made a nice pasta dinner and we hung out. After dinner I had to walk Mackey and Ryan suggested they walk with us.  As we walked Topanga wanted to hold the leash.  She handed me her shoes, her sunglasses, purell and her dad’s new Iphone.  We walked and I dropped the Iphone. Initially Ryan said no big deal, the screen was shattered but he said no big deal.

Ryan being over 6 feet tall had some balls on him to call me the next day and ask for me to pay for the screen.  How about this DB, you man up and spend money on an apartment with a separate room for your daughter? I think you should mean what you say and say what you mean.  He gave me several repair options I could choose.  Screw you, man up and pay for your own toys. LOSER!!

Would you be surprised to know he is an actual rocket scientist at an electronic warfare company in the south bay?  I have seen him around the neighborhood and actually in my office parking lot and he sometimes waves and other times pretends not to see me.  I always look through him because he is a freaky shallow creep.

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