No Dairy and No Alcohol, No Italian Girl

I met Steve on Match, seemed like a good match albeit he was unemployed (some recent layoff) but he was attending Pepperdine for his MBA, he lived local.  We chatted on the phone a couple of times.  He seemed alright, maybe the clue was he was going to the theater alone to see an animated movie. Oh well that is all hindsight.

We met in Manhattan Beach for dinner at Mamma D’s a yummy local Italian restaurant. When we set the time we spoke right before he said he had been playing tennis all afternoon, would jump in the shower and meet me there.  I got there shortly before Steve and he met me in front of the restaurant. He obviously had showered his hair was still wet.  We waited in line and I thought all was well.

We sit down and I order a Chianti, he orders an iced tea.  I asked if he wanted any wine. He said he did not partake in Alcohol.  Ok I can get over this, I think.  Then we look at the menu I ask what he was ordering. He says Chicken Piccata.  I said the Cheese Ravioli is excellent I am going to get it.  I say I will let him taste it.  Here comes strike two. He replies ” I do not eat cheese or dairy”. Really you think you can date an Italian girl from Chicago and not drink wine or eat dairy? Ok. Dinner proceeds and I am rethinking the whole deal.

We finish dinner and walk outside to the pier.  We look out over the ocean which always makes me happy and have more small talk.  Then I tell him it is getting late and I need to head home. We start to walk up the street and a group pass us and I am thinking Holy Crap those people smelled.  We keep walking to the parking structure and it happens again. Now I am thinking there is no way everyone smells like B.O.  So he hugs me good bye and then I realize it is Steve who stinks. Dr. Oz says sweat is sterile and does not have a smell it is the Bacteria that causes the smell.

Steve obviously did not know how to use soap.  That was our last meeting.

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