Twin with Sports envy

I met a guy who was a twin at the Salt Creek Grill. He seemed nice although I had a rule about red headed men and again I broke it thinking I was being too rigid.  This one was a head trip.

We met in the bar and had some wine. I forget what game was on the televisions, what I do remember was a sports test.  I think being from Chicago is a benefit. I have followed sports all my life.  I follow Football, college and pro, I watch Nascar, I watch Baseball preferably in the bleachers with a beer and I have seem Michael Jordan play and understand all the games and I LOVE HOCKEY.  Soccer is probably my weakness but I think I am not at a big loss there.

I was actually quizzed about sports as if I am making up the knowledge. Really DB? I think I might have had more knowledge of the games and the standings than he did and it did not make him feel manly. I think women who genuinely like sports have sex appeal.  I know several women that are girly and sexy and understand and follow sports.  I am not talking Softball “stereotypes” here.

Men who obviously think that they are the only ones who can watch, understand and follow sports should probably stay away from me. I am not going to dumb it down to make your penis bigger bucko. So either learn the games and the stats or don’t but do not get pissed I am a passionate sports fan.

Hey little boy, take your bat, ball and mitt and get off this field I am out of your league and I am not even sure if you are able to follow little league.

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