Southern Boy charm – Cling on Nurse

I try to be open minded.  I think that it is beneficial to everyone, I want to keep growing.  With that in mind I had a date with a Nurse from Texas. Ok once again I think the short thing got me but I was trying to be cool.

We had chatted about a lot of things on the phone first so I was like this is going to be nice.  He made dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant that I had not been to in the South Bay and came up from Long Beach to meet me for dinner.  All seemed good except once again I kept staring at this man during dinner thinking is he too short.  OK for me once I get fixated on something it is not going to go away.  I should just have a height requirement and be done with it. This time I did not do it so here I am enjoying a super yummy mexican meal with a short male nurse.  He had a great drawl and cute smile but otherwise nothing for me.

The worst part of this is he was clingy. Yes clingy. I hate clingy. I think I have said it before PDA and other things come down the road.  Here we go, I did not even see this coming.  He gives me a Pink CD and tells me it reminds him of me. Really?  you just met me.  I am thinking this is a clue.

Clue number two he calls and I just do not want to meet up with him. I think he is a compassionate male nurse and yet something is not calling him to me.

He called to see if I wanted to meet up for the Long Beach Grand Prix I said I did not think so and to get an address to mail the Pink CD back.

I have learned trust your gut instinct.

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