Skater at the Pier

I started to think that maybe just in everyday life I would run into a guy that is compatible.  I walk my dog daily 3 times a day along the strand.  I started to recognize people and people recognize me.

One day over the spring the seals had been beaching and chilling. I took Mackey to the pier at 6 and we watched one surf and run in and out of the water. As we were going back home a guy on roller blades came up to us. I had never seen him before but I was still beach friendly.

We chatted about hockey and Hermosa and he seemed normal.  He asked if he could skate with us and I said sure.  Of course when we got close to home I turned off early.  He said he would look for us tomorrow.

So this is the pattern for a couple of days. He seemed normal and asked me to go to dinner.  I said sure and gave him my number.  We chatted and everything seemed ok. He said he was a trust fund child, which in my neighborhood is normal.  He discussed how his mom had died of cancer and other what seemed normal stuff.

Then he calls me to tell me he goes to the Alano club (Alcoholic Anonymous Center) three times a day.  He says he has been on meth, coke you name it.  I told him this is good bye.

Well at least he tried to strike out with some one new.  Although he did not realize I have never done any drugs and definitely do not have issues with Alcohol even though I live in the Bar Capital of LA.

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