PT Cruiser and you are out of here

I met Jim at Salt Creek Grill on a Sunday of a three day weekend. He liked dogs told me he had two Dauchsunds and worked for a Electronic Warfare Company in the South Bay. Code for Boeing, Northrop or Raytheon in Public Relations.

He did not seem super exciting but I was starting to think that maybe nice was better.  Lunch is too long sometimes and other times too quick.  This one was too long. He went on and on about his divorce and his ex-wife and the fight over the weinie dogs in the divorce.  It was painfully long for any meeting.

I wonder if people do not have any social education that talking about the divorce and ex on the first date is a killer.  He was over anxious and another man that I thought was looking for a womb to have a baby.  He thought it would be great for me to meet his parents. Really? this guy was off his rocker.  Nice albeit but really parents discussion on a first date?  Run Joyce Run!!!

I was so excited that the check came I am pretty sure I almost knocked the table over.  I get to the parking lot and as much as I like to say I am not that LA, it happened. Although most will not fault me for this one.  He hugged me and went to his burnt orange PT Cruiser an drove away into the sunshine.

He did call me and I lamely sent an email saying I do not feel the same way about you.  I know you are judging me but at some point I have to come up with things that are irritating to me.  When all else fails I blame the all girl Catholic High School catty gene that I cannot release. MEOW!

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