Progressive Sushi meal – 10 courses too many with a shrimp

So I meet another online candidate and he seems to be on par with where I am in my life.  He is in school, looking for a career change and motivated. I was working on my MBA and looking to go forward as well. He was a psychology major and had been working in Film Production up to that point. We both had an understanding of the business so conversation had been easy.

We made plans to meet in West LA for sushi. Yum Yum. As it turns out it was the “restaurant of the moment:” which in LA can last a week or a day.  They served a set menu of sushi it was a ridiculous number of courses.  I being just a beach girl in the South Bay was not familiar with the place.  I was told how expensive and trendy it was from someone at work.

I was excited to meet Bill.  I made sure I was on time. Actually I was the usual ten minutes early. I was waiting to go to the restaurant door.  I saw a guy that I thought was Bill so I got out of the car.  Wrong person.  So I waited in the lobby of the restaurant.  A guy walks up and says hello. It is Bill. All is well until I stand up.

A little background I am 5’2″ and I was in kitten heels so I am not more than 5’4″.  I stand up and I dwarf him. He was not wee man by any standards but I was significantly taller than him.  I am not sure how I would be made aware of this before the date but I have to say DEAL BREAKER.  I am totally old school. I want a man to be a man and I want him to be taller and bigger than me.

All through dinner all I could think about was how short this guy is and nothing else.  I am sorry that it seems shallow but really I think if you know what you can and cannot live with you have to go with it. I had joke after joke in my head. I am a terrible person but I knew I would not want a second date, and I am sure because I was totally disconnected that he would not want a second date.

Had I known earlier you could say that is enough I would have because that was not fair to him or me.  I am not into just going through to trooper through.

I got thru all the courses and then headed back to the South Bay to get back on course for me.  I am sure he will find a tiny little woman to love him.

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