Jag Chef – Do you hear yourself talk much?

In the town of LA – Hollywood types are bountiful.  I am not sure why some people never have any clue as to how they come off.  I think we are all familiar with the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but some people in this town are perpetual name droppers.  Just because you work on the set with someone or they hire you to do a job at their home does not make you part of the in crowd.

When you are craft services, you get to see a lot of people.  For those not familiar with Craft Services you need to know that this is the food table, the lunch table, the snack table.  I have been on set and I can tell you it is always a dangerous calorie land mine infested table.  Now that you have an idea about what it is I think you can agree these people have a place and are appreciated but, they are not Spielberg.

I then endured a conversation about all the “People” he knew and whose house he had worked parties. Hello jackass, your ability to cook Copper River Salmon at a surprise Birthday party does not make you a superstar.  I will not be seeing you on the Oscar red carpet anytime soon unless you bed a starlet.

I am always surprised at the pompous bull that this town brings out. The fact that I was from Chicago in his mind must have made him think it was some little town of 20 somewhere and the I went to the theater on Saturday’s to see the Hollywood scene.  I had already lived in LA for 8 years and been on set and worked for a Studio.  I cannot believe that that crap works. I am sure it did for newbies to LA.

For the record the only thing that came out of that was that I did go out and try Copper River Salmon.  Not with him, all by myself.  Thanks JAG…. You can add the last word that I am thinking. : )

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