I am in Entertainment

I was working at a Studio in LA and my cousin encouraged me to try Yahoo personals. So I did and I think I learned what people can really believe about words.

Joe’s pictures seemed too good to be true. He had a baby face and I was excited to meet up with him. His profile said he worked in the Entertainment business.  We chatted and decided to meet up while my cousin was in town. Karaoke seemed fun and I was excited.

We arrive at the bar and I cannot find Joe.  A man comes up to me and says Hi Joyce and he is about 18 years older than his picture.  OK note here. I am blonde not blind I know the spelling is close but I will figure it out and you will be at a loss in my mind.

We sit down and chat I introduce my cousin and he introduces his friends.  They were all nice and I thought well at least they are nice people.  We started to talk and he admits the picture was from before his daughter was born and she is 18. Note here, you cannot start a relationship on deceit, it will never work.

So we talk about our jobs. Then the topper comes out. I ask where he works because in LA the whole town is entertainment, Sound Houses, Editing, Camera houses, Studios etc.  His definition of Entertainment was selling televisions at Sears.  Really????

That said,,, NEXT!!

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