Hawaii Stalker

Laguna Beach Father of 8 well that should have been the first clue right? At least we can surmise he likes sex… LMAO

He initially did not have a picture on his profile. Problem number one.
We did chat a few times and he told me that he did a lot of business up in the South Bay so we should get together for dinner. Sounded harmless enough so we met up.

Dinner at the local Italian restaurant in Hermosa was super yummy. We chatted and enjoyed our wine.  When dinner was over we go to leave and cross Pier Avenue. He stops in the middle of pier and does a dip with me like you see in old movies dancing and kisses me. DUDE!!! I am all about PDA in a relationship but this is freaking ridiculous.  We walk back and called it a night.

I figured he was nice but he had some issues.  I knew he was going to Hawaii and maybe that would give me some time to think about what to do with this situation.  Well he obviously had a great phone plan. He called me three times a day everyday he was gone.  Nothing says run to a girl than a man who is clingier than a skirt with nylons in the dry winter.

I had to call him and tell him to cease and desist.  That was more than enough to decide I am not going to be in a sitcom called 8 is enough, he was more than enough.

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