Ciao Bella – Lessons from a changed mind

Once again I break my rule of going out with a Cop and I am totally irritated.  Mateo should have been just some coffee date in passing. I knew he was a cop a divorced one and met him for coffee anyhow, DUH.

We met for coffee after work one day and it was okay conversation. He seemed nice enough and we discussed his move from Santa Monica to Vegas back to Santa Monica.  I thought he might call for another date, which did not happen exactly.

About two months later I get an e-mail remember me? I am thinking who the hell are you?  Well he wanted to go out now. I got to the point of ok what can it hurt.  He seemed nice enough.

Why is it all Cops have a crazy gene? Or maybe it is a clueless gene.  We went out on a couple of dates and all was well.  He then started mentioning what I thought was his ex-wife. It turns out the papers were not finalized and he was confused.

OK here is my thing. If you are getting a divorce get a divorce. If you want to work it out do not bring other people into it.  That should be at least common courtesy. ASS BAG!!

OK and if that is not enough the next summer I am at the beach with friends I meet another cop in passing I mention Mateo and guess what this guy just slams him to hell. I guess he was a DB and the wife was playing cat and mouse with him.  I am sorry for anyone’s pain but sometimes you get what you order.

I do not drive in Santa Monica just because of this….

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