Great on Paper – Real Life is another story

I had a vendor who I adore try to fix me up with another one of her clients.  I have to give the background to this as it was a great first couple of dates.  He had everything on paper I wanted, Employed, Educated, Catholic, Chivalrous, close to his family.  Paper is not always real life.

The first date was great, had him meet my friends pretty good too.  So as it progresses. One would think that even at 40 sex is still important to men too.  This one not so much. I cannot believe I did not have it at the top of my list.

First attempt ended in disappointment.  I figured it was nerves.  In the morning still failure.  I had gay friends ask if I tried anything.  Here is a TMI moment for everyone.  I was not born yesterday so I know I am a pretty sexual person and I do not need many peanut gallery pointers.  We attempted again and when there was failure to launch I told him to go home.

I brought the issue up in conversation stating this could be a sign for bigger issues.  Such as High Blood Pressure, Obesity and Heart Disease. He said he had High Blood Pressure and I said then maybe you need your meds checked.  My friends were blown away that I brought up the issues. Really? If you are naked and seen the other person naked why wouldn’t you talk about it.  He said he would check it with his Dr.

I gave it a couple of weeks and he did not check it out. I called him and said listen sex is very important to me and if you are not on board then there is no reason to move ahead.

Ironically when he saw the person who introduced us she said she was sorry it was not a connection. His response was sometimes it just does not work.  Now that was the biggest understatement I had heard in a long time.

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