Closeted Cop in Denial

Let’s just face it I am a guy’s girl. I love sports, I love sex and I am pretty up for adventure.  I watch Game Day every Sat morning in Football Season and ESPN on Sunday’s before the games start.

Latest E-Harmony connection. A Motorcycle cop from the South Bay.  He seemed pretty normal on the phone. He bought a place in San Pedro and as we all know how I feel about Pedro since my divorce there were no points won on that account.  Never married clue number two.

I had a rule to never date cops but once again I broke a rule and I can now say I proved it out. NEVER AGAIN.

We made plans to meet at the Elephant Bar on a Saturday in November at 5PM.  It is just a chain restaurant with a jungle theme. I got there 5 minutes early as I usually do. Ordered a MaiTai since I just got back from Hawaii I was on a MaiTai theme. I was watching the Gamecocks beat the Gators. First time in 19 meetings and it was an upset.

He showed up at quarter after telling me traffic was tough. Strike! Being late is a clue and I hate that I made it on time because it was important and you cannot show up on time, is RUDE.  So as he walks in I tell him that the Gamecocks just beat the Gators.  His reply ” I do not watch Sports” WHOA NELLY!!!  WTF? Really a cop who rides a Harley and does not watch any sports?

Answer here is he is a gay man afraid to come out because he will not be accepted in the Testosterone world of Cops.

He lost me at that moment. I could not wait to leave that one.  He gave me the weak hug and said lets keep in touch. How about let’s not Bullshit each other and say See Ya never?

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