Cable is smaller than you think

I was matched with Sam (all names are changed) and at first I thought he was working at Time Warner too from his profile. Well I was wrong he works at a Cable Channel. We chatted and I learned he was from NY. He also told me about his career in Broadcast to Cable. 

I was sharing a story about my most recent hire and how I poached her from my old Company. I mentioned my former boss and what do you know? He worked with all of the Senior Management from NCC. I was totally shocked. It reaffirmed to me that maybe it is more like 3 degrees of separation versus 6.

We did have a nice time meeting up after work for a cocktail at the Baja Cantina. He actually looked just like his profile picture which we know I LOVE. Not sure it is a love match but he offered to help my friend Bill and his wife find our when their episode of the Newlywed game aired. 

The thing about this date that stands in my memory is that he seemed to spend way too much time in bathroom. So whether it is a tiny bladder or a drug issue I am not sure. He was very friendly with the bartender and what I think says something good about being nice to service people the fact he was not paying attention to me is another clue.  

When we talked on the phone it was all about the lifestyle in LA, the pools, the people the proper places to be seen.  So even though he was all Mr NYC and loving it he really had succumbed to the LA lifestyle and seen to be seen.

I did ask for the help for my friend Bill but nothing ever came of the help.  Well should have guessed since the date was a bust he was a bust too. 

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